Friday, 21 July 2017

What a night we had at Camelot!

Camelot Lounge was busting at its seams last night with a house full of doctors and their friends and family for the annual performers gig. It was a night of exciting, varied and high quality entertainment. Who'd have thought that bagpipes and burlesque could work so well on the same bill!

Many thanks to the entertainers for their fabulous efforts and the audience for rolling up in great supportive numbers. Thanks too to the fabulous staff at Camelot who have now hosted SIX wonderful shows for us.
But most of all, thanks to Judith Babich from Active Locums who has unfailingly supported us as our sponsor for all these years.
This is what Judith has had to say about Performer's Night 2017:
"Huge congratulations to you all for another wonderful event  at Camelot last night.  The Performers Night was, as always, very inspiring and there were  many highlights.  It was a great turnout and an interesting and well balanced mix of doctors and medical students. 

Active Locums Pty Ltd  is very proud to sponsor such a fine and talented group of doctor performers  which allows them to explore and nurture their creative side. Everyone had wonderful time and I am already looking forward to next year's performance."

We'll post some pictures when Howard has recovered enough to provide them!

Here are some more doctor-friendly events coming up in 2017 that you might like to know about:

Doctors Gerard Ingham and Genevieve Yates
  • From 14th to 17th September the Parade Theatre in Randwick will host "GP: The Musical" on the back of last year's sold out season in Melbourne with a cast of talented doctors. The show was written by NSW GP Genevieve Yates (on whose blog you can find photos and video clips of the musical and possibly even some familiar faces) and Victorian GP Gerard Ingham. Tickets are available on the NIDA website  

  • On Thursday 5th October Creative Doctors present our Visual Arts Night at  North Sydney Community Centre. Doctor artists are invited to show their visual art accomplishments - from photography to felting, portraits to pastels, bookbinding to beading, sculpture to sandcastles - everything is welcome as long as we can see it and it's art and a doctor (or medical student) did it. More details later on the blog.

Members of the NSW Doctors Orchestra with founder
Dr Cathy Fraser at centre back (on flute)
  • NSW Doctors Orchestra's 2017 performance in the afternoon of Sunday 5th November at Chatswood Concourse (also sponsored by Judith with proceeds to aid research into Huntington's Disease). Special guest at the concert will be Slava Grigorian who will play the wonderful Rodrigo guitar concerto! More details on their website soon.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Come to Camelot and see what we can do!

Performers Night is almost upon us and what a line up we have this year! If it seems to have come around fast its because we've moved the event forward to catch a few performing doctors and medical students who've been unable to come in the past when Performers Night has been in exam season or holiday season.
The date to mark in your diary is 20th July. Yes, it's a Thursday night so you might have to be prepared for a slow start on Friday morning but I promise it will be worth it and by eight the morning fog will definitely disappear. 😊
Camelot is great fun. It's a fully equipped club with 2 stages, a sound engineer, a grand piano and even a dance floor and, just as importantly, it has food and a fully equipped bar.
Come at 7.00 if you can. Bring friends and relations, grab a good table to share, or find someone friendly to share with, and order your food and drink at the bar. The entertainment will start in earnest at 7.30 on the dot.
We have old faces and new faces - a good many new faces I'm pleased to say. We have lots of music on a variety of instruments, some original songs and some covers, and some very special surprises. That dance floor might even see a bit of action at the end of the night because the one and only Dave Eisinger and his band have agreed to make a return performance.
There'll be no Sir Lancelot or Lady Guinevere at Camelot this year but there will be a whole lot of camels and a few doctors trying not to make monkeys of themselves! Come and join the fun! There's no more congenial spot than the Camelot Lounge Cnr Railway Pde and Marrickville Rd Marrickville
Thursday 20th July 2017

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Catching Up on our Reading

One of the best things we can do to improve our writing skills is to read the work of others. As doctors we don’t get all that much time to do so. But with podcasts we can get our reading done while we drive, while we exercise or while we take a shower! 

I’m really excited about The New Yorker Magazine's podcast “The Writers Voice” which they’ve launched as a kind of companion to their popular and long running New Yorker Fiction Podcast. 

If you haven’t already discovered the latter, let me tell you about it. It’s a regular monthly podcast featuring writers who have been published in the New Yorker reading stories by other writers that have been published in the New Yorker and talking about why they have chosen them and how the author they have 
chosen has influenced their own writing practice. (Pause to take a breath!) I find it fascinating. I’ve discovered lots of authors I’d never heard of before and heard some very interesting writerly conversations along the way.
Take a look here to see what a rich library of work there is to listen to. 

The Writers Voice is different though. In "The Writers Voice: New Fiction from The New Yorker" writers are invited to read their own stories – stories that have been recently published in The New Yorker magazine. It adds an extraordinary layer of richness and understanding to hear these writers read their tales in their own voices. 
Etgar Keret

One of my favourite short story writers is reading in the Writers Voice podcast this week from the May 15th 2017 issue of the magazine. Etgar Keret is an Israeli author who writes short stories that are often quirky but also extraordinarily cleverly told. They are compact but enriched by so much detail that a very short story feels like a whole world. This story is called “Fly Already” and exemplifies his style.

Listen to Etgar Keret here  – it will be one of the best 14 minutes you’ve ever spent.


Saturday, 29 April 2017

On a Wintry Night in Camelot

Performers Night is coming early this year!
Performers Night is always full of all sorts of surprises!

Because we couldn't wait a whole year to do it again we've booked the Camelot Lounge for Thursday 20th July for this year's CD Performers' event.

What a great way to spend a cold winter's night! Eating and drinking and screaming with delight at the antics of our more theatrical colleagues. (Or even eliciting those delighted screams if that happens to be your thing)
Save the date and come and join us. Previous years have been a great success and there's no reason to suspect this year's Performers Night will be any different.

Camelot Lounge, for those who've not been there, is a great little venue in Sydney's Marrickville with everything a performer could want to enhance their performance and everything an audience needs for a terrific experience
To perform or be part of the audience
RSVP by contacting us using the space in the right hand column of your screen or contact Dr Howard Gwynne at
We'd love to hear from you!

Cnr Railway Parade and Marrickville Rd
(Plenty of street parking and right near the station)

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A New-Look Creative Doctors Writers Night in 2017

We're taking a fresh approach to Writers Night this year.
Hilton Koppe
As well as the usual opportunity to network and share our creative work, we have invited a very special guest.
The wonderful Dr Hilton Koppe, North Coast GP and international football player with the famous Docceroos soccer team, has agreed to lead us in some creative writing exercises. Hilton is almost as famous for his creative writing and teaching skills as he is for his football skills! He has presented his  "Beyond the Medical Record" writing workshop internationally, including at the examined Life Conference in Boston in 2015 and even  for Creative Doctors that same year! You can see how proud the folks at Lennox Head are of him in this article in the local paper. He is also a published writer of poems and short stories.
Hilton will lead us in some writing exercises on the night that will be fun for everyone, including those of us who don't (yet) do any writing at all.
We also invite you to bring along copies of your published work for sale or any unpublished recent work you may wish to share.

Join us for Writers Night:
7.00pm Thursday 30th March 2017
Heritage Room, Moore Park Golf Club
(Enter off Cleveland St to onsite parking)
Here's the map
RSVP to Dr Howard Gwynne at as soon as you can - it will be a great night.